To learn Java


Learning Java means 3 different things at once. Java language syntaxes, its libraries and OOPL. Syntaxes are easy but may a little difficulties on generics. Generics are the usefully epoch making in the Java1.5 (Java5) changing, but I suggest you to learn later because of the difficulties. Reading Javadoc1.6 helps you to understand system libraries. Especially, the classes in java.lang and java.util are important. Learning OOPL is... a little harder to understand by only self efforts, i think. however, it's a thinking like a design method, so you can use the thinking to not only in Java but also other languages C++, Ruby, C#, Scala and more object oriented languages. I got the knowledge from working sessions, framework products, in projects with clever programmers, and some books. I put books which I used to learn Java. All the books I read are Japanese translated. It will help your understanding if you can got the translated books you can read.

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