A vending machine with lottery

Fine today. Some drink vending machine in Japan has lottery. When you purchase a drink with these machine, you get a lottery chance immediately. If you won, you can select drink again and you'll get it as prize. But winner is too rarely. It was thought that the lottery was a decoration, can't win, and I have never heard winner exists until this year. Today I purchased milk tea as always by drink vending machine on station. What a surprize, I got win! Lucky! It was second time for me since this year. And I got more drink. But it was too much to drink two :(

I found the site Vending Machines of Japan. I had seen some machine in town and some is not. lol

Sorry my poor english... thanks :)

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Last-modified: 2010-03-12 (金) 04:42:10 (4121d)